White Paper

How to Sustain EOR Value in a Highly Variable Price Environment


Over decades, both academia and the oil industry have thrived in the area of enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Old paradigms have been derogated and new applications have been developed. However, in tough economic climates, the oil industry tends to fall back on remedial productivity tactics that, while possibly providing short-term profitability, may also lead to impaired, low-energy reservoirs along with losses in medium-term and long-term production and reserves. This paper postulates solutions to this paradox.

José Luis Mogollón

Reservoir Optimization Global Leader

José Luis Mogollón is the Mature Fields Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Lead in the Halliburton Global Consulting Group where he is responsible for mature field development and production optimization. Mr. Mogollon has 30 years of experience in different positions such as Researcher, Project Leader, Manager and Consultant at universities, research centers, and operating and service companies. He has also served as Professor at the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

Mogollón has more than 60 publications on heavy, medium, and light EORin topics ranging from EOR physical simulation and porous media characterization to stochastic analysis – numerical optimization of field applications using smart algorithms. Frequently he is member of international conference technical committees, keynote speaker and has taught courses in his area of expertise.