SPECTRUM FUSION Real-Time Hybrid Coiled Tubing Service

SPECTRUM℠ Real-Time Coiled Tubing Services

combines intervention and diagnostic services to help operators monitor and optimize job performance in real-time, resulting in greater efficiency, increased reliability, and higher return on investment. SPECTRUM Real-Time Coiled Tubing Services can be combined with standard coiled tubing applications and downhole tools to obtain vital well data in conjunction with other well intervention services to deliver customized intervention solutions and maximize a single trip downhole

SPECTRUM℠ FUSION Real-Time Hybrid Coiled Tubing Service

is a step change in the industry by integrating fiber optic and electric communication and power. The system is fully compatible with wireline and mechanical tools to offer unlimited flexibility in diagnostic, design and delivery of the operations.

When equipped with the SPECTRUM FUSION platform, coiled tubing operations are entering a new era of collaboration, informed interventions, real-time onsite decision-making process for more precise and reliable execution and maximized well performance.

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Integrate Well Diagnostic and Interventions

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Operator in Saudi Arabia Optimizes Milling Performance via Real-Time Coiled Tubing Data

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SPECTRUM℠ Diagnostic Service Evaluates Fracture Effectiveness Leading to Lower Completions Costs

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